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January 16, 2004



Great post! Ironically, I was writing a post about finding a job and being hired. In December I graduated with my B.S. in Business Administration, since then I have not had much luck in finding a job. Your post gave me a much needed new approach in marketing myself to prospective employers. My university offers a mentor program to graduates, but never thought about actually getting one until now.


Jon Strande


My pleasure - glad it was timely! You'll have to promise to keep me informed of your progress.

Have a great day!



The book that I always recommend to folks who are in a job search is “Don’t Send a Resume – And Other Contrarian Rules to Help Land a Great Job” by Jeffrey J. Fox.

Here are a few snippets from the book:

You are a product and the employer is the customer, the buyer. You are the product the customer will buy if the customer feels good about you, and if you solve a problem.

Employers don’t care about your job objective: They only care about their objective.

The traditional “job objective” segment of a resume is just camouflage to express how great you are.

The only correct job objective is that which expressly states what the customer, the employing organization wants.

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