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February 29, 2004


John Dumbrille

I'm taking away new knowledge from this, thanks! If I have one quibble with the science of marketing is the tendency to believe in one's ability to engineer a "position." So many factors affect a postion. When I think of PR and other marketing initiatives, the image that comes to mind is trying to move a floating ball by ripple effects: throwing rocks near the ball can propell it, but the rocks are never uniform size anbd shape and the current and other external factors will inevitably take their toll.


I tend to agree with Jon on this one.

There will always be a position that a brand occupies in a potential customer's mind with regards to a competing brand. I do not believe that this is uniform for all customers.

For a given market segment, a particular position could be considered dated. The brand still exists, but the positioning has changed for the vast majority of the public.


Hmmm. Interesting debate.

Haven't seen one point brought up though. VW's market is a subtle "anti-market". Jettas and Passats compete with Toyotas and Hondas. Even though VW's been around since Dr Porsche was still frisky, since the 60s it's been positioned here (with some stumbles) as a thinking person's alternative.

To what?

To what everybody else pours themselves into and blobs along in. Who is doing the blobbing? And in what?


Rob, since I was going to ramble a bit further, rather than clog up your comments, I'll post the rest over at my place. Thanks for the thought provocation.



Er, I mean thanks Jon.

Gee, so many cool threads so many new names...

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