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March 20, 2004



Couldn't agree more. From a knowledge standpoint, it seems many marketers curse the darkness and tighten their grip on tired analytics rather than open their minds to why people really buy. Granted, I can't see MRIs replacing man on the street interviews anytime soon. But until people who are charged with selling product acknowledge that they're really just throwing darts at a board when it comes to the emotional side of persuasion nothing's gonna help them dodge the old client adage "I know half of my advertising is wasted, I just don't know which half".

Zack Lynch

You are probably right about neuromarketing not taking off in corporations for quite a while. If one looks at history it is typically finance organizations that are the one on the cutting edge of leveraging new technologies. If this is the case then neurofinance (I know another neuro), but seriously, if a group of traders could forecast their emotions (ie understand how their emotions have influence previous decisions) and make 5% better (ie more profitable) decisions, you'd better believe Soros would be the first to jump on board.

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