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April 05, 2004




"A brand is an ensemble of emotional meanings & attributes that provide an associative interface for the mind of a consumer."

I've read this multiple times now and I don't get it. Its cloaked with too much jargon for me.

As I posted on A Penny for... in simple, jargon-less terms, "Branding is about being remarkable. Branding answers the question of why a company/product exists. Branding is the heart, the soul, and the essence of a company/product."


I agree that Jon's description could flow better, mostly in the last half--Jon, perhaps "brand crytallizes a particular state of mind and heart, and helps people achieve them." I'm reading between the lines but assume that's close.

But, John, isn't your description also lacking some inertia? One could simply say "Branding is describing what a brand means" as read.

Heart and soul and essence are key, but bridesmaids have those too. Where's the springboard? One hopes a brander has higher ambitions for his or her proxy.

Chuck Conway

Any fool knows what branding is ..
All you need is a hot fire, a branding iron and a cow. Duh!?!


Don't forget the boots, lotta bullshit involved in Branding.

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