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April 06, 2004



"What do you think?"

I think you're right, it must include the consumer.

I do notice that a lot that I'm reading all maintains a bent of advocating for the company, while speaking sweetly of the consumer. There is STILL a noticable absence of unity when it comes to the thoughts I see about what constitutes a brand. To follow an archetypal theme, I see thoughtful people (Heroes) trying to run interference between consumers (Innocent) and amoral, unfeeling companies (Ruler) [amoral, not immoral.]

As a parting mythical observation, that's Sisyphean Heroism at best. Not a lot of ROI in that one for those doing the boulder pushing.

Since we're in no danger of offending here--it's an academic discussion, right?--I sense that John Moore is pleased with his "Remarkable"construct. Naturally, I like what I think about brand too. There are a few nice thoughts in the idea of remarkable, but if GOES nowhere.

I prefer to think in terms of "motion toward?", not a pretty cocoon. To me, that's what his heart, soul, essence statement says--a nice place, but no ambition other than "Wholeness." That's fine if you're approaching the seventh level or nearing nirvana--heaven awaits, your work is almost done--but who among us can claim that? Or. wants to? We're all still growing and travelling, 5 rungs down the ladder. I think brand needs mucho latent energy to be attractive. It must be a subconscious ally one goes to for Confidence, Support, Affirmation or Truth.

Big words those. Brands are far more spiritual than Feature>Advantage>Benefit, and they are far more about the consumers than they are the product. Brands are enablers to bigger and better things, not ends in themselves If they meet that requirement, they then matter. And how will a company know this? The same way we know we matter:

We succced, we are called upon for help, we are admired, and yes, we are envied sometimes.

But you don't become--motion, remember?--any of these things without claiming them beforehand as ideals and getting off your ass.

In business, that's called growth. It has rewards. In our personal character-driven lives, we call that "Courage". It has rewards too.

Jon Strande


>> Since we're in no danger of offending here
You are correct - this is a learning opportunity for me, from some of the best minds on the subject!

Wow - that is FANTASTIC, with a big, huge "F".

Thank you!



Thank you, you're very welcome, Jon.

Might quibble with the prefix, tho. Just a typing monkey with opinions and a few battle scars.

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