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April 19, 2004


Jeremy C. Wright

Well it got your attention, didn't it? ;-)

An emotional response is always better than no response at all!


you should send him Seth's ebook on how to do powerpoint!


I'll admit it--I use that line, too. I guess it's a matter of tact--it's the disclaimer that says "the following comments may sting a bit, but I still value you as a person."

Nothing personal, Jon, but your blog just doesn't. . . :)

Michele Miller

That would have been a great slide to use if he were to follow it up with what you wrote about... "Actually, folks, it IS personal....." and get some buy-in right off the bat.

Excellent post, Jon!

Seun Osewa

Why do people like power point, and presentations, so much? I don't want to be sold to or entertained when it comes to making decisions. What I want is pertinent information, preferably in written form, to study at a time of my choosing.


Great post, Jon. That story has utiility in so many ways.

Heh, Jeremy. I bet Eisner especially liked the emotional response at last month's Disney Shareholder's Meeting.

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