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April 21, 2004


Chuck Conway

The only problem I see is if the mouse fails - it's dead.. so how can a dead mouse learn?

Chuck Conway

Let me clarify: If the cat fails, the cat goes hungry. If the mouse fails, it gets eaten..


And if the cat goes hungry, it can't outrun the dog.

Hmmm. I see an enemy of my enemy is my friend alliance here.... Quick! Somebody get Snoopy and Jerry on a 3-way, we're gonna get that damn Tom once and for all.

Of course, wouldn't this be a fairly decent indicator that challenger organizations, when continually facing Leaders, must by proof of their continued existence have an ever increasing knowledge/innovation-base and increasing valuation relative to their market weight? Lotus gets bought or outwaited, but not beat. I dunno, it's late.

Chuck, I seem to recall Ho Chi Minh saying: "For every one of yours, we will trade a hundred. But we will still win." I think the mouse's ultimate revenge is that after the cat eats enough of his brothers, Tabby gets flabby and has a heart attack.

Long live the Mouse King!

Jon Strande

Chuck, yeah, good points. But I think fouro did a good job of saying that you essentially make my point:

"Today's breakthrough is tomorrows commodity."

Innovate or Die.

Notice I didn't say evolve or die.... change isn't enough in this case. One must innovate in order to remain relevant.

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