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May 08, 2004


Chuck Conway

Interesting idea. It sucks people need rules such as “No alcohol at work.” It should be a no brainer. A lunchtime drink should be ok if it doesn’t impede your work performance. The stupid and ignorant ruin it for the rest.

Sounds like a great way to challenge your preconceptions.

Jon Strande


Yeah, the book is filled with a ton of great stuff!

My new job title is going to be "Status Quo Roaster". What do you think?


Dave Young

Thanks for reminding me of Roger Von Oech. I got his book "A Whack on The Side of The Head" when I was in high school and I've been insufferably creative ever since.

Jon Strande

Dave, My pleasure! I still don't have "A Whack...", I should get that. So thank you!

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