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May 14, 2004



I Love it!

If that wouldn't shake the dust off those a freeloaders that "put their time in years ago", I don't know what would.

Wish there was an expiration date on that secretary in the front office...


Jon Strande

Just wanted to let you know that Seth Godin wrote that post, I didn't have author name enabled, since, before this I was the only author.

Seth, thank you! What a great post!



I just finished reading Free Prize Inside. I’m not sure if the free prize is the cereal box, which would technically be a free prize outside, or if this refers to thinking inside or outside the box.

Ok, enough with the bad puns.

Purchasing Free Prize Inside was a bit of a gamble for me. When I buy business related books, I generally stick with titles that sound like they will improve my technical skills in some areas (eg. Statistical Modeling, etc…)

However, this gamble more than paid off. I am already seeing the effects of implementing many of the ideas in this book, and I am now a converted Seth Godin fan. I have already placed an order for Purple Cow.

Hopefully, the Purple Cow carton will improve my understanding of this “Expiration Dates” post.

Sorry, thought I promised no more bad puns.

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