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May 25, 2004


jennifer rice

That's terrific! Isn't it cool to finally meet up with a fellow blogger? Knowing the two of you from your writings, I bet your conversations were awesome...

Johnnie Moore

I wish I could have joined you!


Well, hell Jon, if you want to pop by South Africa at some stage, you just need to ask!

Music trivia's my thing. Oh, yes. And business...

Jon Strande

Jennifer: You can say that again! Finally meeting Mark was great! Yep, the conversations were fantastic indeed... of course, I'm biased! ;-)

Johnnie: The door is always open! With any kind of luck we'll be asked to help this client overcome what he has discovered to be a challenge... if so, you have a standing invitation!! Actually, you have a standing invitation regardless.

Dave: South Africe, huh? Thank you! I'm up for a game of Lighting Reactor... perhaps two if I can stomach it!


Two games of lightning reactor Jon? Only if you win the first ;)

We do however serve the best hot chocolate and coffee ever, so get yourself on over...!

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