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May 12, 2004



So what your saying is that Survival is Not Enough was a bit too big, and long for your average business book reader? That's too bad.

Changing a business's ways and learning to zoom is hard, but I think you conveyed the message very well. Too me, it should be the Change Agent's bible!

In fact:
Purple Cow - R & D's bible!
Ideavirus - Marketer's bible!
Free Prize Inside! - Project Manager's bible!

And don't forget Bootstrapper's Bible!



I was curious if anyone had any thoughts about how soft innovations and edgecraft can be used to overcome or even take advantage of changing business conditions.

It seems that uncertainty and change are still one of management's biggest headaches.

My thoughts? By using soft innovations you can create conditions that your competition must respond to.

Scott Miller

I'm a third into Survival is not Enough, currently knee deep in the discussion on memes. I suggest that many companies simply cannot change, and the reasons why are very well covered in The Innovator's Dilemma. Also, Al Ries has a wonderful book, Focus, that discusses successful methods of changing a company's direction.

While I absolutely agree with you that change is great for small companies, it is very hard for bigger, established companies to deal with disruptive innovations, technology or changing tides. Even Microsoft, not long ago widely viewed as a quick change leader, thanks to Gates, is very slow to react to new markets or conditions. Big = slow. But it's for this very reason that small companies like Dell can rise from nothing and fill in the gaps left by world dominating companies like IBM.

With my company, we've accepted that we cannot change rapidly and chase markets anymore. So, we focus on being among the best in our current market, and for 10 years it's worked well.

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