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May 15, 2004


Tom W.

Great post! Especially the bit about generalists - and yet, they're the ones who get things done, who can do everything from fixing the coffee maker to nailing the largest accounts. Too many compartments, not enough vision - and not the vision created on corporate retreats, but the vision that goes with forests and trees, day-to-day.


Nice Jon. Very.

Tom, check out the link below on bricolage and bricoleurs. For my money, a far better and respect-worthy appelation than entrepreneur.



Great point about customer service and avoiding command-and-control structures.

Fast Company has an article about Rackspace -- a tech company that has survived by focusing on customer service:


They co-locate their team to avoid siloed departments. But what if they were to take it one step further. Shuffle the portfolio. Have an account managers work as a tech; have a tech specialist work as an account manager.

Now, you've on your way to creating heavyweight teams. These guys are integrated thinkers and idea champions -- they know how to get things done. Customer satisfaction would increase and soft innovations would soar.

What's more, the team would start to improvise and use bricolage.

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