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May 06, 2004



Very cool idea.

Every city should (and probably does) have someone with the money to fund these types of things. Business and government and religion certainly aren't and that's a huge statement of failure in itself. (Notice the 501(c)3, yet no donations accepted, no religious or political affiliations--seems an anonymous seed project.)

Great find Jon!


Not quite so anonymous--a whois of the site shows the registrant as the Anschutz Corp. in Denver, CO. The owner, Philip Anschutz, is involved in Qwest Communications, ice hockey, railroads, oil, Hollywood, you name it. Do a quick Google--there are a few human interest stories out there on him. Also, www.actsofkindness.org appears to be another site registered by the Anschutz Corporation. It seems like he's the real deal.

Jon Strande

Mark, thank you! Yeah, I really liked the "does not accept donations..." stuff. Great point on the "Business and government and religion aren't..."

Mike, Thank you! Great find on the origins of the philanthropy. The fact that it is the "real deal" makes it even that much better.

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