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June 07, 2004


Philipp Schumann

Ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur?
Just curious =°)

Jon Strande

Phil, yes indeed! I'm thinking VERY seriously about it. There are actually three things I'm considering right now... which I'm sure I'll be blogging about in the coming days.

Do you have some thoughts about it?


Philipp Schumann

Do post them, I'm ever so curious.

Now I know you need to be careful with that kind of stuff, I'm myself planning something I won't tell anyone about until the launch :)

But isn't it just great to have something in the pipeline...?

Looking forward to seeing what you're up to, though, and a special thank you for the book summaries. Great for poor students who don't have the time and funds to actually read them in full.

On another note, I just read your "The Origins of Unengaged Employees" post but the comment feature wasn't available. I was just gonna add that I believe that the overall "mentality" of a company -- something that to a great deal is (co)shaped by its (co)founder(s) -- has a great influence on "staff engagement". I think most people are by nature highly interested in making sense of their making-a-living, and thus blossom in places where they can contribute their individual skills to a "vision" they can identify with. Unfortunately, lots of companies are still soo 20th century, and thus their main vision is either shareholder value, market leadership, or profits. Or all. Naturally, people get easily bored by such a single-minded approach, and that's where engagement ends. Just my point of view, though. I guess Google can be regarded as an interesting proof of this concept.

Best regards,

Philipp Schumann

Hum, a comment-edit feature would be useful.

Where I said:

<< Now I know you need to be careful with that kind of stuff, I'm myself planning something I won't tell anyone about until the launch >>

it would be fairer to also mention that a friend and me are actually planning this together. :)

Sorry for stuffing your blog with stuff like this, try to keep my posts short.

Chuck Conway

Something will present it self.

If I were a manager I would hire a talent person such as you in a second.

Let me know if I can help.


Jon Strande

Phil, no need to apologize! Like most bloggers I enjoy comments, especially good ones! ;-) My pleasure on the book summaries. Writing them helped me retain the information, sharing them is a bonus. I appreciate you thanking me for them.

Chuck, thank you! I really appreciate it!!

Christopher Grove

regarding job searches; is there any way that you can link these experiences with a common thread? That's what employers are looking for. I don't think that polyvalence is a problem for employers as long as you can show what they will think is some sort of a 'logical' path. I would have thought that the cover letter is the best place for that, followed of course by the interview.
Have you tried a themed CV? That's something that can work in France, a place where people are pigeon-holed professionally very easily and 'generalists' aren't necessarily very well seen. That might allow you to group diverse experiences together more easily (for the recruiter).
Good luck, whatever you do!

Jon Strande

Christopher - thank you! Yes, most of my experience has been directly linked to IT. For instance, I was one of only two IT employees at a $300 million dollar Consumer Packaged Goods company that was part of the business process redesign and ERP selection team. My job was to translate the business needs into functional requirements for the proposed system.

hugh macleod

Hmmm... as someone who had his fair share of career downtime after 9-11... here's what worked for me:

1. Imagine your dream job.

2. Mentally break your dream job into 4-6 distinct parts.

3. Narrow your focus of your blog to just these 4-6 distinct parts. Create them as official categories, if you have to.

4. Blog like crazy about them.

5. If you're any good (I'm assuming you are) eventually somebody interesting will get a whiff of it, and invite you to scatter your pollen throughout their company in exchange for decent money, as opposed to doing it for free in the 'sphere.

6. Yes, they'll in all likelihood expect to reign you in a bit; expect you to save your best ideas for them, and only give out the B-Grades to your blog readers etc etc.

Whether that's a fair deal (it is to me) I can't decide for you.



Your advice is great and your B material is also excellent!

fiat lux

I'm about to re-enter the job market myself. It's a royal pain in the ass. Starting a business is a lot more fun; the problem is finding the cash to live on while the business gears up.

Good luck!

Jon Strande

Hugh, yes, great advice indeed!!!! Thank you!

Fiat, Yeah, starting a business would be more fun... but money being what it is... [/grin]. Actually, money is only a partial concern with me, the thing I really want to do - take over the world - has a really long sales cycle. LOL!!! ;-)

Best of luck in your search - let me know if there is ANYTHING that I can do to help!

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