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July 24, 2004


Chuck Conway

Wow, now that’s integrity.

I don’t agree, I think the common person would walk away. I would have a hard time staying. Nobody saw you, nobody knows. It’s only you and your conscience. Sometimes that’s not enough.

Whoever they are, they are moral pillars of our society.

Chuck Conway

After further thought:

I think just the fact that you posted this story lends to the idea that few would have the integrity to stick around. If such integrity were commonplace, it wouldn't have been a post-worthy event.


Agreed, Chuck. The exception proves the rule because it is exceptional, as these fine people proved.

FWIW, one of my partners, a city planning commissioner vice-chair and architect, coined a phrase for the whole big box symptom Jon described.

"Asphalt deserts, shopping cart tumbleweeds."

(Doh! I still wish I'd have thought of it.)


I do believe most people want to be nice. But whether they actually choose to do the right thing when there's a cost involved, and its decisions like this that show what a person is made of.

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