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August 31, 2004


Tom Asacker

Hi Jon:

You are SO close! ;-) May I humbly recommend that you substitute the word "bond" with "expectation." You have an expectation of emotional resonance with Alicia Keyes, and thus you are willing to exchange something of value for it (in this case money).

Here is my clear-eyed definition: A brand is an expectation of someone or something to deliver a certain feeling, by way of an experience and/or result. And if it is a strong brand, people are willing to either pay a premium for it, or trade something of value above and beyond the price (e.g. the time it takes to drive out of one's way).

P.S. I agree on Alicia!

Jon Strande


Yeah, you may recommend that suggestion indeed. I guess that expectation is a better word, I have an expectation that "it" will provide that feeling. I think that in many respects, it is still a mental bond.

The question about loyalty becomes - and you asked me this on our debate on the Fast Company Blog - what happens if someone/something else can provide that same emotional experience? Man, that is a great question now that I'm starting to understand this a little better.

What happens if the next Alicia Keys CD doesn't provide the same emotional experience? What happens after I get tired of listening to either of her first two CD's? Does that "Brand" loyalty exist?

I suggested that there were plenty of examples of Brand loyalty, but I'm not so sure about all of them, for the reason cited above.

As always Tom, thought provoking stuff!!


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