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August 11, 2004


Chuck Conway

Woohoo!! A post! ;)

Chuck Conway

What's cool is I've been introduced to some astounding ideas.

And I agree -- I've met some extraordinary people and have some incredible conversations, 'bloggin.


I believe the objective of a blog is determining the timing of posting. If you want to post about everything you do - live your life in a blg, like Joi Ito - you need to post more than once a day - which can be high quality, but also about day-to-day thoughts. If you want to post once in a fortnight or even once in a months, you need to post more than just some "rambling thoughts" (I am not saying that Ito is rambling, but there are bloggers which ramble along, just to get soething out). If you post at lesser frequencies, your blog entry should be of quality (see your story blog, which was great).

So I believe the posting frequency should be around the objective of your blog, and, subsequently, about the quality of your thoughts. Honestly, I like a mixture of both.

And you are right - it is great to reach out to people via blogging. That makes the world go around. Hehe - I likemy comment - will post it at Todd's blog as well.

Jon Strande

Chuck, thank you! yeah, finally! :-)

Andreas, GREAT, GREAT points!

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