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August 23, 2004


Chuck Conway

It’s a fine line. How many ideas are truly original?

In every publication I’ve seen there is always a way to go directly to the referenced material. Any other way wouldn’t be right.

Looking at the two sites – they both are a creation of each other, which one I can’t tell. Both are coded similar.

Not knowing anything about his business I can’t say anything. However his design is very similar to the Seth’s. If I had a business site with a similar design as another business site. I would change it. It’s just unprofessional.

“People are inherently good” I don’t agree. I believe people are inherently self-severing. You posted a post a while back: http://jstrande.typepad.com/blog/2004/07/super_duper_nic.html

Why did those people wait for 30 minutes to talk to the owners of the car? This could be a huge philosophical debate. Did they wait for the owners to return because it was the right thing to do, or did they do it because if they didn’t they would feel bad?

Back to the main point of the post – give the guy some credit. He did ask you. How many other people would just do it? Would you have ever found out? If you had what could you have done, sued him? He is doing what he things and feels is right.

This could be an opportunity; maybe you could get some contacts from this guy. It’s all how you view the interaction with him. Is he a friend or foe? Does he have something to offer you?

Jon Strande


Yeah, perhaps I was a tad hasty - at least he did ask. Great point (and my Mom said the same thing! Doh! Yeah, my mom reads my blog... and if this would have been twenty years ago she would have gotten out the wooden spoon and beaten my little butt for being such a whiny little baby! Just kidding!!!)

And we'll need to debate the people are good thing... I'll pull that part of your comment up to a post and we can discuss it.

Thank you Chuck - you're always the voice of reason!


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