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September 23, 2004



I heard the Pimsleur Tapes are very good (and very expensive at the same time).

Jon Strande


Yeah, I've tried tapes before - for Italian... my wife and I were going to try to learn it in hopes of a trip to Italy one day. I'm thinking the class is a great bet for this just to make sure that I'm speaking it well.

Thank you for the tip!



Hey - I hope you go to the "rigth" part of Switzerland. That little country is one of the most language savvy. They also have a French region and an Italian region - and their German is pretty funny. I as a German would have some problem with their dialect. That sounds discouraging?? No worries - as the capital of banks (is that true? - not sure), they surely speak English as well.

Jon Strande


Yeah, I'm going to a town outside of Zurich (about 15 miles +/-). I've heard that pretty much everyone speaks english, but I really want to pick up at least a couple of phrases and be able to understand as much as possible.

Thank you!!



Alles Gute! Mach viel Spass. Sei vorsichtig.

Jon Strande

Johnza, can't wait to find out what you wrote!

Thank you... I think! ;-)


In the cities, quite everybody talks decent english, but 15 miles outside... ;-) you gotta know, 15 miles is quite a lot in Switzerland!
Don't forget the warn clothes, it's really cold right now here in good old berne. You can check out the weather before you travel on meteo.search.ch
Have fun!

Jon Strande


Thank you! I appreciate the link - yeah, I'm really focused on learning enough German so as not to be labeled a "stupid American"! :-)

Yikes, it's going to be cold!! I think I need a bigger suitcase to pack cold weather stuff!



no problem! actually it also can be very nice weather, but in that season time, you never no... It's no bad idea to bring a good, wind and rain proofed jacket along. You wouldn't like to buy one over here. There's a reason, why we earn good money and Switzerland has the image of a high price island!
Enjoy the trip and take at least three days of to vist Berne and the famous Alps, they're worth it for sure.

Jon Strande

Arnold - got you, thank you! I'll be sure to pack a coat. I really appreciate all the great advice!


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