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September 11, 2004



Midnight Movies, by Midnight Movies.


Jane's Addiction (Ritual de lo Habitual), Portishead (self-titled), Bjork, The Doors, The Cure...

Been cleaning the house lately -- some old tunes helps the time go faster.

Christopher Grove

Interesting list, looked at your list of favourite albums as well, again interesting mix.
Me, I'm listening to:
US3 - Hand On The Torch
Faith No More - King For a Day
Old RHCP albums (Mother's Milk, Uplift Mofo, Freaky Styley)
Sabres Of Paradise - Haunted Dancehall
Jane's Addiction - Strays
Black Grape - It's Great When You're Straight...


Jonatha Brooke, Kronos Quartet, Patty Griffin, Jim White, Kelly Willis, K-OS, Mojave3...I love music. It keeps you going through even the toughest project.

Jon Strande

Wow, very interesting collection of stuff between all of these... thank you everyone for sharing!!!

Okay - how about your stranded on an Island, top 10, discs?



Daniel Lanois - Shine
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Good Son
Emmylou Harris - Wrecking Ball
Gillian Welch - Revival
Joseph Arthur - Big City Secrets
Loreena McKennitt - The Mask and the Mirror
Patty Griffin - Flaming Red
Sam Phillips - Bikinis and Martinis
George Crumb - Black Angels
Toru Takemitsu - Requiem" for strings (1957)

Christopher Grove

I couldn't limit myself to 10, but when I moved over to France, I brought over 20 CDs out of over 100. The choice was difficult then, and I wouldn't want to have to do that now as I'm probably not far from 500 CDs (not a huge collection, but I'm getting towards something correct).
What I remember of my 20 CDs then was:
Jacques Brel - 15 Ans d'Amour
Black Grape - It's Great When You're Straight...
Faith No More - Album Of the Year (Ltd Edt w/ remix CD)
Primal Scream - Screamadelica
Come - Don't Ask Don't Tell
Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back
Vanessa Paradis - Variations Sur le Même Thème
Happy Mondays - Loads & Loads More
Stone Roses - Stone Roses
One Dove - Morning White Dove
Massive Attack - Blue Lines
Ani DiFranco - Ani DiFranco (Ltd UK edition w/ 2nd CD compiling songs from other albums)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Fuzzy
Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go

Can't remember the rest...

Jon Strande

Aleah & Christopher - thank you!

Lot's of new stuff to check out... I appreciate it!

I'm still working on my list. This is tough!!


johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy)

I may be over-sharing but on this day (Sept 14, 2004), these are my 15 desert island discs:

Gil Scott-Heron | Bridges
Sly Stone | There’s a Riot Goin’ On
John Coltrane | A Love Supreme
Public Enemy | It takes a Nation of Millions …
Miles Davis | Dark Magus
Headhunters | God Made Me Funky
The J.B.s | Funky Good Time (anthology)
Boogie Down Productions | My Philosophy
The Meters | Funky Your Life (anthology)
Herbie Hancock | Fat Albert Rotunda
Stanton Moore | All Kooked Out
Pharoah Sanders | Karma
Bill Withers | Live at Carnegie Hall
Ultramagnetic MCs | Critical Beatdown
Soulive | Turn it Out

Jon Strande

John, that is some list! Thank you! Bill Withers is one of my favorites ('Ain't No Sunshine' is one of the best songs ever!!)

Okay, Aleah, John, and Christopher... since you've shared the list - I'm going to buy one disc off each of your lists. Which one CD do you think is the best?


Christopher Grove

Difficult choice, I'll suggest the Stone Roses album (make sure you get the US version with Fools Gold on it). It's a British choice, but it is considered by many as the best pop/rock album brought out in the last 20 years. It's a grower, so you may have to listen to it a few times (I did) but tracks like Fools Gold and I Am The Ressurrection are wonderful. Enjoy, and I'd love to hear what you think of it!

This may also interest you, TOP 50 all time tracks, grouped by decade by an american radio station.
I don't agree with all of them (80s & 90s most notably), but it's worth a look.

If you want some more suggestions, just ask (I think music's like wine; it's meant to be shared), I've got loads of stuff that I'd recommend, in various styles.

johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy)

Sly Stone | There’s a Riot Goin’ On

By far ... the funkiest album ever produced.

It took Sly something like two years to make this record as he was holed up binging on an assortment of vices. I read somewhere the murky quality of the album was due in part to Sly re-recording over the master tapes time-and-time-again in suit of the perfect funk album. In my estimation … he achieved just that – There’s a Riot Goin’ On is a funk masterpiece.


Joseph Arthur - Big City Secrets. Tough decision, though.

Jon Strande


Stone Roses, Sly Stone, and Joseph Arthur. I'll order em' up and report back.

Thank you for the suggestions!!!



There's no way The Stone Roses is the best rock record of the last 20 years, that's a nonsense. Rather than growing on you it gets old rather quickly. What with it's one dimensional, almost cheesy poppy style and lack of inventiveness. The songs sound very similar from one to the next as well.

Someone mentioned Ritual De Lo Habitual by Jane's Addiction and I'd recommend that one profusely. Jane's are like a more grown up version of the Roses and, unless you're 14, I'd go for Jane's. Real musicians playing real music.


I haven't gotten anything done lately. Not much on my mind recently. I just don't have much to say right now. My mind is like an empty room.

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