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October 19, 2004



Yes, if you tip 50% (the coffee) on items where you're not even expected to tip, Switzerland can be very expensive.

aleah sato


Sounds thrilling! I love to fly, but people screaming sounds like a little more than I can handle. And, oddly enough, I was mugged at gun point. So much for my first day in NYC.

Have a blast and report back often.

Michele Miller


Having just recovered from London jet lag, I can empathize. Hope you have your iPod with you. :-) I, too, had the screen with flight details on my plane over... having that information is always soothing. And in my estimation, another touchpoint of marketing. :-)

Jon Strande

boo, yeah, it does get very expensive when you tip a lot. But, I like to tip (years ago I made my living with tips so I am quick to do it)... especially if the service is really good and especially if I know that I will return again or if I will be staying for several days.

Aleah, yeah, the screaming made it pretty bad. I was nervous enough when it started to get bumpy, but the screaming really added to it. Yikes, sorry to hear about your gun experience - that sort of changes you, huh?

Michele, yes, my iPod is indeed my wonderful travel companion! I figured out something very smart as well - I didn't have to bring the charger and risk charging it overseas (not being sure whether or not a converter was needed) - I'm just charging it via USB at night! :-) Plus, it doubles as a portable drive!


THats a brutal transatlantic flight. One feature for me is is waking up in th hotel at 2 am after 2 hrs sleep and counting down til breakfast is served. I found the CNN experience weird over there, I was in Copenhagen a couple of years ago glued to it; I found that the dislocaiton takes the news to a new level.
But shoot, youre in Zurich. How very nice.GIve my regards to CG Jung family and all that great culture stuff!

Jon Strande

John, yeah, last night I was so tired but when I went to bed I couldn't fall asleep, so I sat and watched CNN for about 2 hours, it is interesting to see the different slant on the news. I'm sort of embarassed that the coverage is so much about the US and the upcoming presidential election...

The good news is, however, that the UEFA games are televised here. There were two games on last night. I watched the Juventus/Bayern game!!

Tonight I'm in for a real treat - Milan/Barcelona at 8pm!!! I can't wait. I was going to go out and explore, but that can wait... I'll be watching the match this evening.


Wow Im jealous. I read that Michael Owen popped one in for Real last night, you may have ssen the highlights. Not us back here, of course. Too busy watching the paint dry on the NHL strike.

Jon Strande

John, well, every dog has his day... and this is mine! :-)

Yeah, I wish the NHL would get off its ass and get that thing resolved.

It's 11 minutes in on the Milan match, it is pouring at San Siro... but both teams are playing their full rosters!!! This is my first chance to see Jap Staam in a Milan uniform!

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