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October 13, 2004


Tom Asacker

Great post!

I subscribe to inventor David Levy's curse method: "When I hear someone curse, it's a sign to invent something."

Christopher Grove

Tom, I'd not heard of that, but it is so true! Thank you for that, I'll remember that quote!
Customers will also ask "do you sell/make/do that?" when they contact after sales lines. Not all customers are lost to the brand, if the service is good enough then they'll stick with it because even if the product had a problem, you fixed it with good quality service, and that reinforces their trust in the brand, and then they'll see if you do make the other things they're looking for.
The problem is that there's not necessarily a link between after sales and marketing that allows these ideas to be brought into the new product development process.


Reminds me of my conference this morning (I told you abou, did I?) - Companies use CRM because of the technology not realising that they simply annoy their consumer if they don't change the organisation and its strategy. CRM is an enabler.

I found this one quote, while researching for the paper and I loved it (fits into your call center story) that simply stated that everytime your customer calls a call center and YOUR company is not responding correctly, friendly, nicely, appropriately, you lose the opportunity to connect.

Tom: "When I hear someone curse, it's a sign to invent something." I like this. This is great. I might just quote it in my blog, but will ask you for permission first. Hope you dont mnd, Jon

Jon Strande

Chris - great post!! Thank you!

Tom - that is a fantastic post!

Andreas - ask away!

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