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October 06, 2004



Shuffle in your life? I like this expression. One thing for blogs is the "Next Blog" feature at Blogger which randomly transports you to the next blog. So you get to see blog you would never have seen normally.

How is Swizerland?

Christopher Grove

I shuffle my custom in shops... depending on what I find and the reception I get ;)
I hate hard sells, even if I love the article in question. I'll look elsewhere. Same goes for snobbish salesmen (there're a lot over here). The French have a lot to learn about service.

Jon Strande

Andreas, thank you! Yeah, that is a nice feature on Blogger, I like it. Of course, I wouldn't want to make it easy for people to clik away from my blog... ;-) Just kidding!!!

Chris, yeah, I do the same - I'll change my demeanor based on the way I'm treated.

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