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October 23, 2004


Curt Rosengren

I'm going to Bleep for the third time on Thursday (each additional time has been going with friends who haven't seen it). The second time I saw it, I got more out of it than the first. Seems to be one of those movies that keep people going back again and again. I know people who have seen it six or seven times (it's been here in the Seattle area for several months).

It was interesting to weave a story line into the documentary, but I thought it would have been just as good without it. The one thing that drove me nuts was the woman who says she channels Ramtha. Could have done without her popping up on the screen again and again, but the rest of the people in the documentary portion were quite interesting. The animation was fun as well. Definitely worth seeing.

Jon Strande

Curt, cool! It is playing in my town, which is a bit surprising... hopefully it is there for at least a few more days until I get home!!

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