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October 27, 2004



Looks very clean. Boring as hell, but clean. ;-)

Jon Strande

Pretty close - actually, Zurich was super cool. Next time I go I'm going to stay in Zurich and take the train out to the customer each day.... much better than staying in the middle of nowhere. :-)

Christopher Grove

I love the cowskin chair! Absolutely wonderful design!
Had you not seen a Smart before? Are they not available in the States? I know that small cars are less popular over there, so... It's strange, because I've just got used to them now.
Are you going to be in Europe longer for the next trip?

Jon Strande

Yeah, that cowskin chair was so cool, my wife would have loved it if I brought that home for her... too bad it was about $1500 US. Oh well... I don't think it would have fit in my suitcase anyway... LOL!!

No, I'd never seen a Smart before. Cars are bigger in the states, for the most part. I asked one of my co-workers, who drove a 5-series BMW about cars in Switzerland, and asked it they were a status symbol at all, he said no.

No, the next trip will be about the same amount of time or less... and I am going to stay in Zurich for sure. It is a great city.

Christopher Grove

Smart was actually a joint venture between Mercedes Benz & Swatch, the idea being to produce small funky cars. Mercedes felt that they had the engineering know-how, but were missing both the brand attributes necessary to go into small cars (this is before the A series) and the design competence. Swatch had the design competence. The joint venture didn't work out that well, so Mercedes bought out Smart. You can actually see Smarts in Mercedes dealerchips in France ('stacked' in vertical displays, that work with an elevator system). When I was in Paris early this summer, I saw a whole display of them, it seems that they've expanded their range and some look more like small cars rather than the original miniscule model.

Jon Strande

Chris, Yeah, I saw several of those Mercedes 'A' series, they looked like a minature version of their SUV that they sell here in the states... there are quite a few of those little cars over there - of course they have to be small cause the roads are VERY narrow and the parking... LOL!!!

Now I know why European cars handle so well, they have to handle well to drive on those narrow winding roads!


Where are the St. Pauli girls?

Jon Strande

Hah! :-)

I can't post all the photos... can I? ;-)

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