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October 18, 2004


Chuck Conway

The future of media is “On-Demand.” Tivo already does this to a certain extent. At some point data/shows/books will be at our fingertips. There will still be a “first-showing” but after that you will get it on demand.

I have a couple shows I like, but I don’t get the cable channel. An hour after the first showing I can find it on the internet -- without commercials.

The only reason it’s not happening right now is the copyrights/control struggle happening with the media industry (RIAA/MPAA).

Chris McMahon

This is how very bad rumors get started. Arrested Development did get picked up for a second season. And if they cancel it, I'm holding you responsible!

I bet we see a day when an online serial like Homestar Runner comes out on DVD (the only question is if it makes a stop on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim first).

Jon Strande

Chuck, yeah, great point... as always.

Chris, right you are - it is still on... I just checked out my own friggin link to Fox and the season starts in November... duh!

K. Todd Storch

Did got! Please let Homestar Runner be on Cartoon Network! I'll get another TiVo just for it!

Gotta check the email! - Strongbad


The Asian Wall Street Journal today runs an article that relates to this. They are planning to simultaneously launch a movie (not a blockbuster) in the theaters, on TV and on a DVD. The DVD - cheaper than the usual one at about US$4 - "expires", I think 48 hours after opening of the case. Cinema owners are of course not happy. I haven't got the papers with me, otherwise, I would write more about it but for those with access to the AWSJ, the article is in the Networking section.

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