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January 08, 2005



Jon, nice post. I had a similar "meeting of the minds," which I blogged about at Incite, with a fellow from Germany who happened to be in town. If you get the right people together, who all have similar goals and objectives, the result can provide inspiration or an actual business venture.

Chuck Conway


How does that Skyping thing work? I was going to try ti out. It's esentially VOIP from PC to PC. If up want to talk to a non-PC user there are charges that apply?

Jon Strande

Aleah, thank you! It is very cool to meet people after exchanging emails and such, huh?

Chuck, yeah, it is VOIP and free from PC to PC. There are charges that apply when calling a non-PC user.

The really cool part was how easily we had a con-call. Very neat!


David St Lawrence

I've converted to Vonage and I am sold on VOIP.
Our whole house now can make unlimited calls to the US and Canada.

Global VOIP is the next step to consider. I'll have to look into Skype.

Jon Strande


Yeah, I've considered switching to Vonage, I've heard great things from some friends - now you're endorsement moves me even closer!

Thank you!



Hey, HEY!

Watch the ball-talk. This a family blog. Or is it a business blog? Or maybe a person-in-business-sharing their thoughts?

And hey , Mister -- have you been licensed to run his thing? Who have you blogged for before? Do I know them, and have they signed the Bloggers code-of-conduct®?

Seriously, Jon. If it weren't for you and other bloggers linking and commenting here and elsewhere, I'd have become a nun ages ago. So thanks!

Jon Strande

Fouro - I'll go with the opressed-repressed-guy-in-business-trying-to-shake-things-up blog... how does that sound?

Well, you're welcome, but it is I who should be thanking you... and Aleah, Chuck, Chris, Mike, Johnnie, etc, etc, etc. for providing such wonderful conversations and thought provoking ideas. If you asked me a year ago if I'd get this much from blogging, I would have told you that you were crazy... but it seems that every day I'm meeting new people and learning new things!!



Indra's Net - what a fabulous metaphor and one of my favorite images. And I love the passage from Joseph Campbell on the thread of a life as you look backwards.
There's an arabic word for it, but I can't find it anywhere. It's not unlike entelechy
another one of my favorite words. And I found an image for entelechy and the human life that is beautiful in Ship of Pearl, Coils of Time. http://www.estatevaults.com/lm/archives/000283.html. I'm thinking about using this as my post for 100 bloggers - expanded just a bit

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