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February 17, 2005



What about reading? You seem to do a lot of that...Sleep is for the dead. ;-)

Troy Worman

A Day in the Life of Troy Worman

Emily Mann

Nice idea! My answers are posted at my blog. And thanks Troy Worman for pointing me here!

Terry Storch

Great idea.


Jon Strande

Aleah, I'm not reading as much these days... I'm not sleeping as much either, the dogs seem to want to get me up at all hours of the night these days. Go figure... ;-)

Troy, Emily, and Terry - and everyone else you did this - thank you so much! I'm blown away by how much time and thought people have put in to this! Perhaps we should take everyones reply and make a book! :-)


One more. From Cynthia.http://mamadunce.blogspot.com/2005/02/cool-meme.html

Phil Gerbyshak

Thanks for sharing your information Jon. I'm posting mine here as my blog is hopelessly out of date (sorry).

What do you do? - IT Help Desk Manager, which at my firm means managing a team of unique people, in addition to attending new project meetings to ensure the team stays on top of the latest and greatest.
What are the challenges? - IT people and "normal" people don't always play nicely together. More things to support with the same people require creative solutions for staffing, communication, and implementation.
How do you overcome them? - focus on what you can do, not what you can't. Set the example for patience and persevere to do better every day. Overcommunicate rather than undercommunicate. Work as hard as is needed to get the job done - but take time to relax whenever possible.
What is a typical day like? - 200-300 e-mails per day, tons of project meetings for new and exciting things, listening to any issues my team might encounter and offer troubleshooting assistance and direction.
How do you manage information? (Email, Blogs, etc) - I use bloglines to stay on top of my IT information (not enough). I have many archive folders in MS Outlook, and a Blackberry and a pager to stay on top of the most vital of communications.
What are your 3 or 5 favorite books?
Tom Peters - The Brand YOU! 50
Developing the Leader Within You - John C. Maxwell (and really anything by Maxwell lately)
Purple Cow - Seth Godin
What are your favorite web sites/blogs? - Bloglines gets most of my reading time, as does ESPN.
What tools/technology do you use? - Work: Pager, HP desktop, Nextel Blackberry
Home: cell phone, eMachines
What’s your favorite quote? - I have 2: "Your car is your university!" Zig Ziglar and "What do we live for; if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?" George Eliot
What is your "secret to success"? - I treat each person as they want to be treated, and be sure to listen first and speak second. I focus on what I can do instead of what I can't and always lead with the can do!
What are your greatest accomplishments? Personal? Professional? - Personal - I finished a computer science degree at night while working full-time. Professional - Every day is a new accomplishment and a new challenge.
What are your hobbies? Or, how do you break the monotony and stay energized? - Read a LOT! I stay involved with my church and my community as much as possible. And I try to not do things that sap my energy.


Geez, that was a successful meme-launch. Maybe you should get new business cards made up:

Jon Strande
Meme Launcher

Jon Strande

Cyn & Phil - cool! Thank you for sharing!

Bren, thank you! But that should be your title! I noticed several people found it from your blog!

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