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February 16, 2005



Damn, now that awful song is in my head...What's going on there?



You're right about that song. I was in a comedy club in Santa Clara years ago and a comic sang a version that went:

Do you know the way to San Jose?

Yes, that's why I'm driving the other way!

Unfortunately, I've got to head there THIS weekend. Your timing is off, Jon. Have a great trip.!

Jon Strande

Aleah, my apologies! It is work, and it looks like I'll be traveling with my boss and his boss... 2 days of trying to understand a special manufacturing specification system.

Mike, DAMN! Talk about bad timing! That would have been very cool to be out there at the same time! Thank you, have a great trip yourself!!

Chuck Conway

7 hours away at 70 miles and hour..

Jon Strande

Darn Chuck, I thought you were closer for some reason.

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