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February 26, 2005


K. Todd Storch

Great question...

Hmm...I went to godaddy.com after the superbowl. But I had already bought Tara's domain name (www.beadedbuckets.com) from them because they were pretty cheap, compared to others. So, I just checked out the chick with a buddy at work. So, I guess sex does sell...at least to check out funny videos...

Ok, I would have to say that the iPod TV commercial really cut through to me. I love U2 and the commercial was impossible not to watch for me. After seeing the commercial, tons of word of mouth, I got an iPod.


Jon Strande

Todd, yeah, truth be told, I'm a sucker for a pretty woman. I don't know that I've ever bought anything cause some company used a pretty face in an ad, but every time I see one I'll always spend a moment enjoying the beauty... sorry ladies who might be offended reading this, I'm just being honest...


I was just pondering this...

And Jon, I am the same. If I see a beautiful or interesting looking man or woman, I will notice them. I dont think the point is whether or not we should be attracted to those we find attractive. The point is rather about the manufacturing of beauty and sexuality in relationship to product.

Chuck Conway


Can't really say the last product I bought because of advertising.

For me advertising is passive. I take it in. I never jump up and say “I need on of those now.” When I need a service or product I think “hmmm, who has what I need.”

It’s more about awareness. About a year ago, I needed internet access. I remembered seeing a T-Mobile Hotspot advisement at Starbucks.

Now I am a loyal Starbucks and T-Mobile customer.

Troy Worman

I don't remember.

I don't usually watch television and I am not much of a consumer beyond food and books.


I vividly recall watching TV with a friend many years ago when a Dairy Queen commercial came on. It was back when their campaign featured a "landscape" of ice cream and toppings. We looked at each other, stood up, grabbed a set of car keys and went directly to Dairy Queen for sundaes.

These days I'll often go immediately to a URL featured in a commercial, but since I have a TiVo I often don't see commercials at all.

Jon Strande

Aleah, great minds?? ;-)

Chuck, yeah, if I'm not at home or at the office, I'm ussually at Starbucks, Borders, or Barnes & Noble... ;-)

Troy, interesting. So, have you seen an ad for some food or book that has influenced a purchase?

Jane, why didn't you call me for that DQ run?? I would have gone! ;-) Seriously, great example!! Yeah, since folks are recording programs now, skipping the commercials becomes much easier.... but what about ads in magazines, on the radio, etc?

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