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February 26, 2005



I think I need to clarify my post. Apple's "how" is cool, not innovation (I don't believe I said innovation). Jon, you're right...I work with a lot of tech companies and they'll get into the "how" of the tech specifics. This isn't what I'm talking about! I'm talking about a single "how" that's really important to customers. You can make software; great. But "how" you do it in a way that impacts my life, makes me a hero, gives me immediate gratification, etc etc. is the real important issue.



Many years ago, an old boss told me that any good presentation needed to contain two key elements:

WIIFM - What's In It For Me, the listener


MMFI - Make Me Feel Important

Especially important for sales pitches.

Jon Strande

Jennifer, agreed - "make me a hero"! That is the current Microsoft campaign, right? "The ofice hero" thing? People care about themselves first and foremost, we are helplessly and hopelessly absorbed with ourselves and unless we're talking about ME, I'm going to lose interest, fast. ;-)

Mike, sounds like a smart boss!

Joe Ford

Surely you build a brand by being the best at what you do and letting people know about it?

"We know we make the best drill bits because the guys who know what they're doing buy them."

I had a go at illustrating this on my blog when commenting on the 'drill bit' theory in Jon's original post. (I do assume that the person buying the drill bit would do some research before buying one.)


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