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March 16, 2005



Jon, it's the FBI. They need to know what types of clubs men from Pennsylvania go to when they are over the age of thirty. SSSHHHH.

Seriously though, you are bang on with this rant. I find these "helpful" sites incredibly annoying and wonder how many people get suckered in to entering their data...I'm horribly uncooperative with phone research surveys, too. :-)

Ankesh Kothari

Unfortunately, these sites don't think about readers. They think about advertisers.

And by collecting this info and presenting it to advertisers, they can make a few more bucks.

David Paull

Jon - I hadn't been to this site in awhile before sending you the link. When I went there to be sure it still had the live music info I thought you'd be looking for, I was first frustrated that I had to relaunch the site in IE. Then I hit intrusive info page you reference in your post and like you, I tried to get through w/o entering my info and it wouldn't let me. So, of course, I entered all bogus info just to get through, which serves no one. So, to them, I am a 57 year-old woman who lives in a completely different neighborhood. Let's see what kind of marketing they do with that.

I have no problem with them asking for the info, they just need to make it optional and allow me to get where I want to get without forcing me to conform and while using FIREFOX!

But, in the end, they do have a good live music directory and I guess that's something.

Jon Strande

Aleah, LOL!! You're probably right! It's the FBI! Seriously, yeah, not very helpful at all.

Ankesh, Yep, you got it! This isn't to serve us better, it's to serve their income...

David, yeah, it was a great site for finding events, thank you again! A 57 year old woman, huh? LOL!! As I said in the email to you, I found when/where there were bands playing - so at the end, it was a perfect link!

christopher grove

I wonder how many marketers fill in those forms truthfully and how many feel annoyed by them, or that they're intrusive?


Pennlive.com does a similar thing -- in fact, the graphics look nearly identical...

I usually stick in "90210" as my zip. ;)

Jon Strande

Chris - great question!

Mike - that is so you!! Yeah, I noticed that it looks identical to pennlive.com.

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