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March 15, 2005



Portland is me! Send over your specs, hopefully I'll have a free enough schedule to hook up.

Portland is a nice town. Decent public transit, good restaurants, etc. Heck Palahniuk wrote Fight Club here, so there's gotta be something funky going on.


Still no trip to Asia in side?

Jon Strande

Bren - how cool!!! I just sent you an email.

Jon Strande

Andreas, not in the short term. For the project I'm working on now, they really want someone fluent in the local language - which leaves me out of most places (including some in the states! LOL!!). Hopefully I'll get to make it over there - actually, Shanghai China is small possibility for something else I'm working on, but that is maybe a 10% chance at most. You'll be the first person I contact if anything in Asia comes up! Trust me!! :-)

Chuck Conway

Where abouts in CA?

Jon Strande

San Diego and Santa Clara... it looks like. San Diego almost for sure. Most of the upcoming trips are going to be short ones. Mostly one day, two or three at most.

David Paull

I'm in Portland too and actually I've been meaning to reach out to Bren (earlier comment) who is another Portland blogger I enjoy reading. Let me know your schedule and maybe we can try to hook up.

Jon Strande

David, cool! I just sent you an email.

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