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March 07, 2005


Tom Asacker

Hey Jon. I've been there. For your sake and those around you, I'd change the metaphor in your mind's eye. Think of your problem as a tangled bird's nest of fishing line. Instead of pulling tighter, loosen your grip. Or step away and relax for a minute. And if all else fails, take a pair of scissors to it. ;)

Stay well my friend.


Jon, I am pushing that same boulder. I understand how you feel - these struggles can come in the form of difficult employers, team leaders, colleagues, clients. For me, one of the most difficult tasks is patiently explaining my ideas to people who have already made up their minds about something they know little about. In this regard, they aren't letting people (you) do the best job you know you are capable of...

My only answer is to seek fulfillment thru a project entirely your own. Anytime you bring others into the picture (unless they are likeminded or friends) this situation rears its ugly head. Extroverts have a better time of 'bull-dogging' their way through closed minds. But for us introverts, it can be an exhausting and somewhat futile process.

Hang in there!


Jon, you may have just answered your own problem: Pushing a boulder. (I seem to recall art on this somewhere. ;-)

Put your metaphor in motion. Crystalize the problem, or better still, the solution/result in visual terms. Everybody can argue with words, they can waffle on priorities and roles, they can't fight feeling tagged by a right brain jerked aware by a crystalline visual for their challenge/hope. I'm expensive, but call me if you need help. [grin]


Mark, I've always heard you were cheap and easy. ;-)



I know you're a big Seth Godin fan. What does Free Prize Inside tell you to do?

P.S. I really enjoyed Fouro's wordy argument for the power of pictures...

Chuck Conway

I had a similar problem this morning with my boss.

My boss does not understand why something looks right in Internet Explorer 6 but does not in Internet Explorer 5.

How do you explain a technical problem to a non-technical person, whom just wants it to work?

Ah, the fine art of communication.

Dale Carnegie had some sound advice on this subject:

Talk in terms of the other person understandings (interest)

Jon Strande

Thank you very much everyone!! I really appreciate the kind comments.

Stepping away from things last night cleared my mind... I'll be posting the results shortly. ;-)

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