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March 19, 2005


Chuck Conway

The book "How to Influence People and Win Friends" is about this idea.

Talk in terms of the others person's interests. I wrote a post a little while back.

I liking strawberries. I wouldn't go fishing and expect to catch a whopper with a big plump red strawberry. Instead I use what the fish likes to get what I want.

How to Influence people and Win Friends

Jon Strande

Chuck, yeah - I love that example. Just cause I like strawberries doesn't mean anyone else does. The golden rule says that we should do unto others as you would have them do unto do you... I much prefer the version that says: don't do unto others as you would have them do unto you, their tastes might not be the same.



I like to beat certain people about the head and neck areas with two acronyms: WIIFM and MMFI. If your sales materials, presentation, or general communication don't start off with, always focus on, and end with What's In It For Me and Make Me Feel Important, it's tune out time, baby!

I think you have a bright future in this customer-focus thing. You should write a book, or something like that!

Michele Miller

Great improvement, Jon! I always tell my clients, "If you do nothing else than begin to incorporate the word 'you' into your advertising, you'll achieve a new level of growth." A change in perspective makes all the difference.

David St Lawrence


That was an inspiring example of looking at an email from a customer viewpoint.

I think I need to look at some of my promotional material and apply the same test.

Hope you get some time off the road or at least get a more leisurely schedule. Just reading about your recent trips turned on old pictures of countless hotel rooms, taxis and airports! and airplane seatbacks.... :)

Jon Strande

David, thank you and thank you! Yeah, I'm back home for a while but still pretty busy.

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