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April 27, 2005



Man, I missed your entries (even so you dont link to me anymore - pun intended) - thanks for informing me about the trips, otherwise I would have thought that you have given up on writing!!


No worries, just glad to see you're still alive... Thanks again for dinner!


Oh my god, the prodigal son returned...


Glad to hear you're still thinking about your blogfans. When will Jonapalooza souvenirs be available for purchase?

Jon Strande

Andreas, thank you! That is so nice!! It is strange, I thought there would be tons to write about on these trips, but I just haven't felt like it... which is strange.

Bren, cool. Again, my apologies!

Aleah, smartass. ;-)

Spooky, the t-shirts are being printed as we speak! Two versions: the first will have an action photo of me running through the Toronto airport to catch my flight (note - never try to get to the toronto airport around rush hour, it is nutty!). The second will be a photo of the contents of my open suitcase being screened in Detroit. On the back of both shirts is a list of cities and dates... of course. There are some other things that I'm considering offering:

1.) A lithograph of all my boarding passes - signed and numbered, of course - suitable for framing! ($895)

2.) A map of all the available electric outlets at Chicago O'Hare & Dulles (the airports I have to go through to get ANYWHERE to or from Harrisburg). ($49.95)

3.) A box of empty bottles of Naked Juice (http://nakedjuice.com/iwant_immunity.php?blend=strawberrybanana) - this stuff is too tasty! (FREE to the first taker)

4.) Tour Book - loaded with photos, travel tips, inside information about me, etc. ($29.95)

5.) Window or Aisle: How to pick the best seat for your flight. (paperback, 4 pages, $19.95)

And of course, no tour will be complete with the double live album (currently scheduled for summer release).

Let me know what you'd like, I'll get it shipped out right away!



You crack me up, but I've already collected enough loose change for the double live action! Perhaps I should blog about the time the Detroit FBI questioned ME (and this was in '84) after changing flights last minute. What is is about that place? Good luck on the rest of the tour, and get back to regular blogging soon!

Jon Strande

Mike, if that is your real name... ;-) Seriously, wow, in 84? Yeah, I guess switching flights at the last minute is a red flag. Thanks for the well wishes! Only a couple of days to go!

Tom Asacker

Welcome back Jon! Your "voice" evokes enthusiasm. Good for you!

Let's talk next week.

Jon Strande

Tom, thank you! Sounds good, I'll send you a note when I get home.

christopher grove

good to see you back! Instead of the double live album, why not just post the whole airtunes playlist that you had going on your i-Pod? That would be good.


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