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July 20, 2005


christopher grove

"the diversity in our opinions does not spring from some of us being more able to reason than others, but only from our conducting our thougts along different lines and not examining the same things"
I don't think it's as cut and dried as that, but rather a combination of both points.
I do believe that some people have a better capacity for reasoning than others, but this is to an extent limited to their aptitude in the context. Some people are better at maths than at history, a financial expert will not necessarily be as good at marketing, or vice versa.
That said, yes I do think that personal culture & experience does influence the way in which one reasons. I think that's why the 'T' Management theory is so interesting (the horizontal bar of the T representing the breadth of a person's general culture and the vertical bar representing the depth of his/her specialised/expert knowledge).

Jon Strande


Great comment! Thank you! I'd not heard of the 'T' management theory, but I like it. Thank you for sharing it!!



"T" Management theory? Cool. I'm stealing that. Thanks, Christopher.

Chris De La Rosa

This is new to me..thanks for sharing.

Chuck Conway

It seems very exacting. I would like to think common sense/reason is more than examining commonalities or the lack of commonalities between people.

He is implying that if everyone had the EXACT same experience we would all think and feel the SAME way. But since diversity is innate in everyone this is an impossibly. Even things that are meant to be exact (manufacturing processes) have variances.

It seems to me that exacting is a Utopia I wouldn’t want to live.

Does that make sense? I think I might have lost myself.

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