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July 21, 2005




Big Brother is probably just checking to see if your ID is legit. I didn't realize until just recently that all DLs now carry bar codes, and while they're not impossible to decode, most kids probably don't go to the trouble to create a valid one for their fake IDs.

Next time don't wear your suicide bomber jacket to the concert! ;-)

Jon Strande

LOL!! Too funny! How did you know what I was wearing... are you watching me? ;-)

Seriously, yeah, they did swipe the barcode.


christopher grove

personally I would have just probably binned the market research mail, but I have this aversion to being included in data bases that worsens when it's a third party that I wasn't expecting... Why can't these people explain more clearly that they're going to forward your details to somebody else? You are right, the small text is the wrong way of going about it. As for the driver's licence, I'm sure that the barman had done it sooooo many times that he didn't want to explain it again, but why not put a simple sign up in that case ('We'd like to inform our customers that ID will be checked' or something like that? Is that too difficult?

Suicide Bomber Jacket...given that bomber jackets exist, I wonder when somebody will come out with an ironic range of those... We've already had Death cigarettes that worked well, I wonder if the jackets would be too much of a bad taste joke or not...


Can't wait for the days when you just walk up, ask for what you want and they say, "here you are sir, thanks for your business," and you walk away. /snark

ZDnert: Tommy Thompson, the Health and Human Services Secretary in President Bush's first term and a former Governor of Wisconsin, is going to get tagged.

Thompson has joined the board of Applied Digital, which owns VeriChip, the company that specializes in subcutaneous RFID tags for humans and pets.

To help promote the concepts behind the technology, Thompson himself will get an RFID tag implanted under his skin...

Have I told you about my new Sitcom idea, Mayberry RFID? Sorta like a redneck Blade Runner with a cyborg Barney Fife and Jessica Simpson as Aunt Bea.

Chuck Conway

Hey, atleast you know the bands. The last concert I went to we almost walked out before the main act. We had never seen the band, only heard them.

Good thing I asked the people next to me who they were waiting for :)

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