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July 27, 2005



Geesh...It's about time you realized that. ;)

I don't know you as well as others may know you, but I had a feeling that you'd get sick of your job sooner or later. The hard part is over now...go find something that you love -- and quit being a stranger!

Michele Miller

This post doesn't surprise me, Jon. Just had a feeling you weren't clicking with the gig. What you need to do is 1) feel blessed that you have the good sense to follow your heart, and 2) give yourself enough time to look around, breathe a little, and begin the search for what you love. Sometimes it's right in front of you; sometimes it takes awhile to find. Don't worry... I didn't hit my stride til I was about 42 (no kidding).

We're here for you!

Chuck Conway

Good luck, I hope you find what you are looking for. I would offer some advice my friend, but I am 10 years behind you.

When I reach your crossroads I'll be giving you a call ;)

Jon Strande

Mike, thank you! Yeah, it was probably a mistake taking the job. Live and learn, huh? I should go the next time you guys have lunch!

Michele, thank you for the inspirational comment. I really appreciate it!

Chuck, you've been here for me - I'll be here for you! :-) BTW: I've been meaning to comment on your post.... take a job in bar or wait tables or something, it is a great way to meet people in a new area!

christopher grove

First up: good luck and I hope you find something that truly gives you pleasure!

Secondly, I've got a question; you mention both your dissatisfaction with your current job and the fact that you'd like to do something else, but also the fact that you dislike your current orgaisation. Which is the real root cause of all of these questions that you're asking yourself? Because if it's just the organisation that you don't like, would simply changing company make you happy (note I said happy and not happier)?

Jon Strande

Chris, thank you! That is a great question or questions... I think that it is organization then job. I've worked in other large organizations before and my experience was pretty much the same. I left the last corporate job to be a consultant, but that still was problematic for me - just better pay. I'm thinking it is really time to venture out on my own. Now the question becomes, what is it that I want to do?

christopher grove

why not make a list of everything that you feel passionate about or that you love (music, hobbies, etc). Then, you could look at what jobs exist in those areas, if there are any that you're already qualified for or not, if you have experience that could be transferred to one of those jobs, etc. That would enable you to position yourself for the change. Then once you know where you want to go, and how easy it will be, you can look at how you get there.
Best of luck!

Jon Strande

Chris, great suggestion. I actually just applied at a great music company called Line 6, they make amps and stuff. I've got a friend who works there and it is a great company.

christopher grove

What job did you apply for?


Good luck and many blessings along the way, friend. It's tough to find your calling sometimes, especially when bills and responsibilities are piling up. It's good that you are taking this time - at 39, 59, whatever age. Maybe music is at the core of all of this...



Perhaps it's time to dust off the old Personal Brand Equity Evaluation. If you want to do some deep dive soul searching, you may want to try How to Discover Your Life Purpose In About 20 Minutes (although I think that the amount of time required is seriously understated.)

You WILL find that life you're looking for! Sometimes it's simply a matter of letting yourself step out of your comfort zone to do the obvious.

Jon Strande

Chris, it is for a business analyst in the Sales & Marketing group. The key thing is that the job reports directly to the VP of Sales and Marketing and it dealt with forecasting, strategy, web site stuff, etc. All in al a cool sounding gig.

Aleah, thank you and I think you might be right. Music is probably the one thing that has remained a constant love in my life.

Mike, yeah, the PBEE - probably so! I'll reply offline (probably over the weekend). Also, thank you for the link to Steves blog, that looks very interesting.


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