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August 13, 2005



Jon, my friend, with a title like this, you are really setting yourself up for some interesting traffic. I mean, not that I surfed in looking for, cough, er....good post! :-)

Olivier Blanchard

Cool ideas.

Jon Strande

Aleah - yeah, I thought about qualifying that title, but decided against it. So, what are you surfing for? ;-)

Olivier - thank you!


christopher grove

your post made me think of 2 things:
1: what you're suggesting is to make HP more of a niche business: that means that you're heading away from commoditization. That's not a problem (I agree with your points on the Alienware business, but again if that works so well, it's because they've escaped the comidity trap) as such, but I think that the point needs to be made. Given that the HP tagline/slogan is Invent (a superbe slogan if there ever was one: even better that Think Different) HP should be moving away from comoditization and looking and all of the possibilities of the high end of the PC market. That implies that I don't think that HP's doing that at the moment;and I do think that they need to improve on that. At the moment they've got the full range, but their entry level PCs don't reflect the Invent image, and that doesn't help the brand/business.
2: While I like your idea about a first PC, which in theory is a very good one, there are pitfalls to be avoided. Packard Bell tried/tries that in Europe (I worked in their aftersales dept). Now I remember customers calling in saying that they've just bought an entry level PC that was marketed as a simple basic family PC, but that had been sold to them by salesmen who told the customer that of course it could play all of the latest games... Of course, when the customer had a problem with the games they bought they contacted us, and couldn't understand why their games didn't work. Any PC maker who goes into the first PC market will be confronted with this problem (through no fault of their own) and any amount of positioning will not enable you to avoid the pitfall of the salesman who simply wants to make his sale by any means possible. So, any first PC must be loaded with more tech than entry level people think that they need. Your idea about a second hidden hard drive is great, but you also need a good graphics card, sound card, CPU, etc, otherwise you'll get the same problem.


[re]invent, please.

Funny, but having been a user of HP laser and imaging prods for a while now, and not much of a fan of Epson's follow thru or consistency in that field, my belief is that HP is the digital Kodak, a new age Polaroid.

They seem to have been backing painfully, reluctantly, slowly, embarassedly into the realization when they should be charging into that terrain like an Edison on crack.

But that's just me.


Well, here's what I think is stupid about that ad: It should be "longer than most everyone else's". As it reads, it means the warranty is longer than everybody else, implying a physical length comparison. I hate crap like that!

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