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August 18, 2005



Is this coming from you as a personal experience with a co-worker, or did you get it from the internet? I hope the latter, because otherwise.... Poor Jon. Time to look for a new job, a different cubicle or anything to get away from this person :)


What, no Band-candy assaults every six weeks? tsk tsk.

Welcome back, stranger =)

Jon Strande

Andreas, I actually wrote it for a friend who is dealing with a very bad coworker situation.

Fouro, LOL! nope! ;-) Thank you! It feels good to be back - and I owe you a call! I didn't forget, things have been hectic!!

Troy Worman

Nice levity, Jon. Thank you. Following are some additional suggestions: 4) You catch him eating paper, 3) He asks you to knock before entering his cube, 2) He insists on beginning every staff meeting with a Star Wars trivia question, and 1) He is constantly asking you if you have visited his blog, yet.

Jon Strande


Great additions!! I love those, especially the Star Wars trivia question one!!

Thank you!


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