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August 01, 2005


K. Todd Storch

I've always flown in Newark and stayed in the city. The subway makes getting around really easy when it's too hard to walk.

It is a walk/taxi/subway city, so you can pretty much get where ever you need to easily.

Plus, staying in the city has it's advantages for atmosphere. I've stayed in the Parker Meridian, the Embassy Suites in Times Square and some dumps as well.

Restaurants...well, there are way too many choices, but one of my favorites is a little Italian place right in Little Italy called Luna. Apparently, they are doing some renovations (http://www.fodors.com/forums/threadselect.jsp?fid=1&tid=34634206), but if you can, go eat there!

You will have a blast in NY!


Jon Strande


Thank you for the insight! I found a really cool hotel called Michelangelo, which sounds like a neat place... Little Italy, oh cool, we'll have to see if we can get over there!!

Thank you again!



Based on my experience in NYC, I do not suggest staying on the campus of NYU, getting snookered at the Bank, and staggering back with two tourist-ly dressed friends to the subway.

Jon Strande

Aleah, there is a story there... come on!! Share!!! :-)


Without any knowledge of Aleah's story, I'll heartily second her recommendations.

When you're in NYC, Jon, drop a note and we'll have coffee.

Also, eat at Lupa in the Village. Also try Becco in the theatre district.

Marc Orchant

Jon: The Drake is a lovely Swiss-style hotel. The Embassy Suites and Holiday Inn in Times Square are also good and reasonable (on a NYC scale).

If you do stay in or near Little Italy and you have a taste for the unusual, I heartily recommend Joe's Shanghai in Chinatown (just off the corner of Mott and Pell). Truly delicious and different Shanghai province cuisine. Get the whole fish in brown sauce (have them fillet it for you) and the sauteed baby Bok Choy for sure but let the waiters guide you on mixing and matching dishes. Joe's is a terrific experience.

And if you're interested in some suds, drop by McSorely's Ale House and order a pint or two of their dark.

Also, see if you can find time to get by The Strand bookstore near NYU - one of my all-time favorite bookstores. Great atmosphere and serious bargains (especially in the basement).

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