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November 03, 2005



Just another hassle. There will always be ways around these things.

Also, I think they're going about this the wrong way. Let's see, why do they make copy protected CDs? So you can't rip the songs, turn them into mp3s and share them to thousands of people on the net. But how many people does it take to put mp3s on the net for everyone else to download? Just a few. So all this added protection really doesn't concern most people. It's just a few who are putting it out there. And these people will always find a way.

christopher grove

Hey Jon,
great to see you posting again!
Yeah I agree with you. Personally I only have 2 Copy Controlled CDs, and I only bought them because I _REALLY_ wanted the CDs. Otherwise I wouldn't have bought them. It's annyoing because I refuse to play them on a PC as well, because I don't want anything dodgy installed... I'd hate to think the potential problems that people could have with Media Centers...
From what I read in a BBC article, virus writers can exploit the code installed to hide viruses. The other major problem happens when people try to uninstall the software without contacting the customer support line (and how many people will do that?). In both cases there's a risk that the PC would have problems running correctly. Which brings me to the Media Center which is nothing more than a PC, after all. Isn't that shooting the whole digital convergence/entertainment thing in the foot? Surely the content makers should be behind that, shouldn't they?
That aside, there is a serious issue with how the content providers treat there customers, as well... I'm not a pirate, I buy CDs; so why can't I then convert my own CDs into MP3s for my player? I won't buy the MP3s separately AS WELL as a CD; that's a rip off, and I'm not buying into it. And I don't want to buy MP3s separately, so if I want this music, I'll buy the cd, but then as I won't be able to listen to it on an MP3 player; does this mean that I should reconsider buying the iPod that I was going to transfer my CD collection onto? As I said above, it certainly means that I won't consider buying a Media Center.

Jon Strande

R, I agree - it only takes a few people to post the songs and the rest of us have them... it is a just a hassle! Thank you for the comment

Christopher, yeah, I'm trying to get back in the habit of writing! I haven't bought any copy protected CD's yet. I actually have an old computer that I use to rip music, so it isn't much of a concern to me... it is the prinicple of it that bothers me. I'm like you, I buy CD's. I dont download music, legally or otherwise. I will trade some CD's with friends from time to time, but a VAST majority of my music (90+%) are MP3s ripped from CDs that I've purchased.

Interestingly enough, I'm not really using my iPod that much any more. I dropped a 6gig microdrive in my PDA and have been using that more and more. Straight MP3 files - no hardware or software dependencies...

christopher grove

I'm just going to transfer most of my collection to the iPod, because the CD deck on my main stereo has given up the ghost, so the idea is to plus it into that and instant access to the cd collection.
The thing is that I suspect that we aren't in the minority with regards to how we use MP3 technology: I doubt that everyone with an MP3 player buys/downloads music; I'm sure that most people do rip their own CDs. I wonder if there are any figures concerning:
1- the sales of Copy Protected CDs (are the volumes sold comparable to those of non Copy Protected CDs?)
2- the market share of those who are willing to buy the music both as MP3 & Copy Protected CDs (I wonder how much research the record companies did on that)?
The worst thing is that there are CDs that I would buy if they weren't Copy Protected, but as they are; I won't touch them... And I can't be alone in that regard.

Jon Strande

Chris, you are not alone in that regard. I won't buy copy protected CD's. Not because I'm some big music pirate, it is totally the principle of it.

Huh, those would be some interesting statistics to see...

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