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November 02, 2005


Chuck Conway

You are still alive!

Jon Strande

Yep - just don't tell anyone! ;-)

b2b resource

I just wouldn't view the pictures if I had to create an account. Too much work to just see them. Now if I wanted to buy prints, then I would expect to need an account. Bad move on their part.



This is the sort of thing that drives me crazy regarding many newspaper websites. I come across a link to an article I'd like to read, click, and...splat...I have to register to read the article. NY Times, I'm registered...Washington Post, I'm registered...East Podunk Gazette, who gives a flying f*** about your tiny, little rag?! Of course, if the article's something I think I should absolutely read, I might find a way to get around the registration via Google News; otherwise, leave the registration accounts to the big boys.

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