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March 25, 2006




Dan Pink's "A Whole New Mind" sounds like a refreshing idea that is much needed when discussing the current job market. What role does he state the empathy sense plays in creativity? It also sounds as though some of the examples given are a great ways to jump start the sense listed.

Though there are other questions and conerns that arise with pushing creativity in the job market.

Questions such as how do you overcome an education system and a job market that does not nurture creativity. Most of a childs education is focused on development of mathematical and language skills. In the K-12 grades there is very little offered in the way of creative classes. Also these classes and programs are seeing cuts in their budgets.

When business is concerned with profit, how do you convey your creativity outweighs the dollar risk they may have to take on you?

In other words, how does one overcome environments that limit or do not allow creativity?

Jon Strande


Thank you for the great comment - empathy is really the ability to stop thinking about your self long enough to put yourself in the shoes of someone else... if you're able to do that, then you can probably imagine what other people are going through. Once you can do that, you can create things that help people.

Yeah, as we have discussed plenty of times, the education system plays a big role in this. The education system is part of the larger "system" that we all need to fit in, which makes it tough if you stray from the norm a bit.

Again, great comment - thank you!



Julian, I have a found a very simple ding-dong works when discussing educational narrow-focus with businesspeople:

"To much emphasis on testing leads to narrow-focus, high maintenance students who ask only one question: Is this going to be on the test?

We have trained them well. Those students then become your employees who ask only one question: Is this going to be on the test."

Standards testing and the gutting of all but 3-Rs curricula is a Business Roundtable-driven invention borne of their mania for "results" and "efficency." They went to the only ruler they knew how to swing. And now, education is in as deep a hole as business is.

Some cool historical stats from Ian Jukes and a bit of a tongue in cheek comparative if business had the same raw material mandates as Education, here

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