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March 27, 2006



Having worked at a number of organizations with exit interview processes and having participated in those interviews (from both sides), I can attest that they reveal absolutely nothing new to anyone. I think they're part of some HR Full Employment scam!

As for the remark about the mailman, I think same principle can be applied in the workplace as well. I always look at the personal items in every workspace I visit, as well as looking to see what's on the bookshelf. Those details can provide a wealth of information about someone.

Jon Strande


Full employment scam - I love it!! Yeah, that is great about looking at peoples workspaces, you really can learn a great deal about people by the artifacts they have around.



Does that mean I have to hide all this Polly Pockets crap under my feet?

I think we should have Musical Chairs week. Everyone moves across a slot until finance gets their stint in HR and abolishes or outsources it, Marketing takes on Production, turns off most of the machines out of confusion and finds no one notices, Accounting moves over to Marketing and finds all the crayons they use for forecasting, HR handles accounting and discovers the Mgmt bonus numbers for the previous "tough year." IT refues to play and locks the door. P.R. takes Janitorial Services and finds it "a remarkably smooth transition." And Carl the Janitor becomes CEO, answers the phone one day then jumps on a plane to Peoria and comes back with the company's biggest account ever.

According to Carl, it was no big deal: "Same shit, golden shovel. But I got a blonde and my own parking place."


upon reflection, I forgot to add something for HR: "..stint in HR and abolishes or outsources it" [or signs 'em up for Fear Factor]

Much better. That is all

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