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April 21, 2006



So what did you tell him, O' bricoleur-in-chief?

Jon Strande


Well, it started off by stating my desire to drink more wine and watch more Oprah. It ended with the something about the team buying me wine and leaving me alone from 3-4 each day so I could watch Oprah in peace. LOL!

Seriously, the core part of my reply was two-fold; one, we need to continue our quest to better understand our users and, two, that we need to get better at embracing change.



Well, often "understandIng" only comes when an entity is willing to set aside old presumptions in the face of new realities--and without malice. And change is only embraced if it's viewed, not as "change," but merely as the unrolling of the natural course of events--and without fear. There's some harmonic convergence tucked in there somewhere. Has to be.

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