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May 27, 2006



Wonderful advice, which is the kiss of death to the idea! Why not stop at a book and cheat sheet for the new Apple convert. Give them T-shirts!

Michele Miller

Hey Jon,

Speaking as an Apple convert, you're just starting to get a load of what you're missing by sticking with PC. I now call my 25 years with PC my "dark period." :-)

While I have to say I am not inundated with Apple SPAM (and I'm on every service they offer), you make a good point about giving users a CHOICE. They do tend to be in their own little corporate world at times...

Have fun with the new MacBook - when will you be getting yours?


Robert Nanders

For a company that's so very "counterculter" and stresses individuality, it seems like their internal structure reflects an extremely hierarchical, linear organization. Maybe I'm wrong, but they don't seem to behave like a "Ben & Jerry's".

Jon Strande

Mike, yeah, I want one of them t-shirts! Should I send it back and try again? ;-)

Michele, I'm not sure when I'll be getting mine, but the more I see/play with my wifes the more I'm looking forward to it!

Robert, yeah, I think you're right.

Thank you all for the great comments!



Congratulations. As time goes on your affection and appreciation for your new mac will only grow. I've worked on both platforms since they were first introduced. As similar as they appear from a perspective of a pc user in the majority, a convert or mac user enjoys the elegant underlying user oriention that lies at the heart of the difference between the platforms. It does provide a sense of freedom, having lived in both worlds, from too deeply having to become a software programmer to accomplish routine tasks.

Although I too tend to avoid signing up for invitations to be spammed, in over 20 years with experience with Apple the company, you'll probably find it, too, is more user or people-oriented, thus generally more sensitive about those concerns and does not make a habit "sending waste emails".

As for tips, you'll discover whatever you need to know or learn is openly and widely available for free here in Cyber etherspace. Apple's web site is often a great place to start, but when they fall short in providing useful information (and there are times they falter in that in spite of their user orientation), there is a very friendly, long established mac user community with discussion groups, blogs, and other websites where you will be able to find virtually anything you might possibly wish to know or learn about anything mac related.

Welcome to that community.

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