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September 17, 2006


Mike DeWitt


You'll just have to wait for your review copy of "Moonshots and Tsunamis" to find out what I think. ;)

Since we are all individuals with unique genetics and experiences, a mix of approaches will be needed to effectively destroy a malignant meme.




Mike, I'm waiting and waiting and that review copy still hasn't shown up! ;-) Seriously, I can't wait to read it!!!



I should have known that between Labor Day and Hannukah every even-numbered year my esteemed co-author goes into dedicated Political-Battle-Stations mode. JUST KIDDING, FOURO!


I've been bogged down, too, in and outside of work. I'm working on a refurbished "How to Make Important Decisions" post incorporating several suggestions from Mark to make it more M&T flavored. That'll have to tide you over for a bit.


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