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September 01, 2006


Christopher grove

Looks like another case of paying lip service to customers instead of giving them real customer service...
Nope, never had a mail from a company going the extra mile, but I've had loads from companies that have tried to go an extra mile in the opposite direction...

Jon Strande

Chris, lip service indeed! Maybe they should refrain from calling it customer "service" if they aren't going serve customers?

Arnie McKinnis

They should have just started the letter with...

"Our consultants (you know, the ones that we pay millions of dollars to a year to advise us on how best to serve our customers) have suggested we reply to each and every email to show just how concerned we are about our customers. This lame response is our best response to that suggestion.

So please read this and understand that we love our customers and value your opinion.

Sincerely, Levi Strauss & Company."


I guess there may be a lot of sys-overhead if levi online store dept to connect to the retail customer store division..

And the online store simply might not keep any inventory(or have back-order)...as viable business-model.

Think abt this, you just idenitfy a weakness of Levi-online store. Maybe an email to business-manager might get a "free levi jeans"

Jon Strande

Arnie, yeah, good stuff! :-)

George, My bad, I should have posted a follow up. I spoke to someone at Levi's store (I called them). They are not connected to Levi's. They are a 3rd party service that Levi's hired to run the online store. A great example of why companies should not outsource anything that is customer-facing... IMHO.

Thank you both for the comments!

Cassandra Shifflett

I have had a problem with the last five pairs of levi's carpenter loose straight fit jeans.... Every pair has riped in the same place, on the left seam of the right back pocket from top to bottom of the pocket. I had them patched at the cleaners and they have riped again.. This is the first problem I have ever encountered with Levi's. Thanks so much for your time..
Cassandra Shifflett

alison stratton

I have been buying Levi's for 20 years. i use to get my husband and son 31 x 32. but they no longer make 31's and 30 is to short and 32 is really long. the saleslady at j.c. penneys said all the men complain about this same thing. why can't we have odd lengths come back? it would make alot of men happy. alison

in case you haven't found them yet




Jon Strande

Thank you so much for the links - I still haven't found them, so this is nice. It looks like Macys has them, in my size!

Have a great day!

kim bateman

Hi, my question is I have been looking for levis 512 slim fit tapered leg red tag for over 10 years and cant find them I have all kinds of numbers and i dont know which numbers are the style numbers? here they are 4440Ds19another one is 611 04 another is 532-0197-49817-5 ane the last one is 10512-4812. can you help?

Aweau kamaka

Dear Levis
I have a great design idea for womans jeans that I think your company would be interested in.I'd like to share more info and would like to know how I could contact you.
Please give me a call my number is

Email address
[email protected]

Kamaka Aweau.

Tammy Hartsock

My problem is the men's loose carpenter fit jeans and shorts. The last three pair I have bought my son have ripped from the pocket all the way down the legs. There is no way they can be patched. What is the problem with the dry rotted material you are using now? We pay way too much for Levi's for them to do this.

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